The extended reality treadmill is the most innovative and valuable new running equipment since the stopwatch. It precisely replicates any terrain, from the Boston Marathon to the Great Wall of China. The super-smooth belt shifts instantly from uphill to down, conforming to the road or trail that you choose. No push-button controls: your speed and the scene on the large immersive screen change in response to hand gestures. Your unique run can be complemented by strength and flexibility training with our certified instructors.

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Real World User Feedback

Sid's Gym is the first customer to utilize our cutting-edge immersive treadmills, to elevate their customer's workout experience. This facility also houses our dedicated content development offices, where our team creates custom content using feedback from both the gym operators and their customers. Over the past two years, we have gathered valuable feedback from users as young as 10 to individuals with special needs, college students, persons training for marathons, and older adults who are looking for a more entertaining way to meet their fitness goals.